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We are the largest family child care system in Massachusetts. Whether you are an educator looking to join a robust network of dedicated professionals, or a parent looking to give your child an opportunity to learn and grow in a high-quality home-setting, we are thrilled you have chosen CDE to meet your needs. Please take a look at our site for the many services we offer educators, families and children. And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us—we'd love to hear from you!



Child Development and Education supports children's learning, partners with families and is a vital part of the community. We believe in providing a safe, caring atmosphere in which children explore and learn. We follow the principles of developmentally appropriate practice and provide a curriculum which supports each child's unique strengths, challenges and interests. Through intentional planning on the part of our coordinators and providers, based upon observations of each child, knowledge of child development, and collaboration with families, we will support youramily child care provider in having fun learning activities for your children.


  • Support educators in providing high quality, safe learning environments and educational experiences.

  • Help families navigate the child care process and access resources that will enhance their parenting, work, and home life.

  • Nurture each child's healthy development and improve educational outcomes.

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