Family Based Child Care

Who We Are:

We are a Family Child Care System under contract with the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (“EEC”) to provide support and assistance to family child care educators who are part of our System, as well as to your children who are in their programs, and you, the families. We arrange for child-care services to children from infants to school age. We are owned and operated by Child Development and Education, Inc., a premiere early education and care organization that operates throughout Massachusetts.

The family child-care educators who belong to our system are independent contractors who run their own businesses. We provide assistance to these educators, but we do not make any business decisions for them or direct them on how to run their businesses. Our role is to provide advice, consultation and professional development training on early education matters such as curriculum, comprehensive services for children, child development and learning, and successful family engagement.

Our Philosophy:

Child Development and Education, Inc. supports children’s learning, partners with families and is a vital part of the community. We believe in providing a safe, caring atmosphere in which children explore and learn. We follow the principles of developmentally appropriate practice and provide a curriculum that supports each child’s unique strengths, challenges and interests.

Through intentional planning on the part of our coordinators and educators, based upon observations of each child, knowledge of child development, and collaboration with families, we will support your family child-care educator in having fun learning activities for your children. These activities are linked to the Massachusetts Educational Guidelines and that focus on literacy, math, science, social studies, creative arts and crafts, music and movement, health and safety, multicultural awareness and technology. Based upon theories of play, engagement, and child development, our learning activities promote optimal physical, emotional, cognitive and social-emotional development while teaching respect for oneself and others and building positive self-esteem.