Family Based Child Care


In order to receive reimbursement for child care services provided, educators must have registrations for all children enrolled in their child care program. Educators must maintain an individual written record for each child that must be reviewed and updated as necessary, but no less frequently than once a year. If possible, all new parents should go to the regional office and complete the electronic registration. In the event that a parent is unable to go to the regional office, the parent can complete the registration online. The registration must be completed within 2 weeks of the original enrollment date. If no registration is completed, the educator will not be paid for the child. Registrations should be completely filled out. If something does not apply the parent should write “NA”. All required signatures must be completed. A copy of the registration should be kept in the child’s file at the office.


Registrations must be updated annually. To do so, the parent must complete the Update/Change Form electronically at the regional office or online. A copy of the Update/Change Form should be kept in the child’s file at the office.

Back Up Care

All educators must offer back-up care to families, and provide as much notice as possible to the CDE office so that CDE may assist the families to access child care. EEC requires that availability of back-up care be made for parents in the event a permanent educator must close their child care program. Coordinators will assist families with finding back-up care in the event that the permanent educator is closed. If a family chooses to accept back-up care, the back-up educator will be reimbursed for child care services. If a family chooses not to participate in back-up care, EEC prohibits billing should the permanent provider be closed. Parents will be responsible for paying their parent fees in all cases where a child is billed for in accordance with EEC. Should a parent accept back-up care, with all paperwork completed, but not send the child to back-up care, the back-up provider will be reimbursed for the absent child care service. If the child uses transportation services, a copy of the Back-Up Authorization form should be given to Transpro so that necessary changes can be made to the routes.