Family Based Child Care

Who Our Educators Are:

A fundamental element in operating a family child care program in Massachusetts, according to state law, is that all educators must maintain a current license with The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care and comply with all of the licensing regulations for child care. The educator's responsibility is to adhere to all applicable policies of the Department of Early Education and Care. In addition to their EEC Family Child Care License, educators’ physical examination, and CPR/first aid certifications must be current.

We encourage the family child-care educators who belong to the Child Development System to interact with the children with warmth, respect and honesty. We are committed to providing a learning environment in which children feel safe, happy, and have the confidence to explore and learn.

  • Our educators are experienced in early education and care and have degrees or course work in Early Childhood Education or related fields.
  • Our educators are required to participate in on-going professional development and training to enhance their knowledge of child development, early education, developmentally appropriate practice, children with special needs, child assessments, developmental screenings and Department of Early Education and Care core competencies.
  • All of our family child care educators are certified in CPR and First Aid.
  • The foundation for our early education practice is that all our staff build an understanding of the needs of children and families and engage in respectful and responsive interactions that are responsive to them.

Services Offered to Educators:

Supplies and Tuition

Educators can get reimbursed for day care furniture up to $100 yearly, with a valid receipt.

Educators can get reimbursed for college courses up to $300 yearly, with a valid receipt and a passing grade. Receipt and passing grade must be submitted together.


All educator trainings are provided free of charge to CDE educators. However, educators with no children enrolled in their child care program, as well as educator assistants, are not allowed to participate in the trainings, unless they pay for them. If an assistant wants to participate in a training they must pay $15.00 for a non CEU training and $30 for a CEU training. They can pay by cash or check (made out to Child Development and Education, Inc.).

Path to Quality Reimbursement Program

CDE Educators are now reimbursed at a higher rate for their education and professional development credentials!

In the Fall of 2012, CDE was proud to become the first agency in Massachusetts to offer educators a reimbursement rate higher than the state rate for those achieving higher levels of education credentials, such as Associate or Bachelor degrees; obtaining professional credentials, such as CDA or NAFCC Accreditation; or completing a self-assessment on the FCCERS and BAS tools with a particular score.

Join us today and begin earning more for your achievements!

Path to Quality FAQ's


Educators who have their CDA certification upon joining CDE, and those who obtain their CDA while at CDE, will get an additional .65¢ for FT children (.16¢ for PT). Educators will continue to receive the additional .65¢ as long as they continue to renew their CDA certification. If educators do not renew their CDA, CDE will discontinue to pay the additional .65¢. However, if an educator has an Associate’s Degree or higher (in any field), and their CDA expires, they will not be required to renew their CDA and they will continue to receive the additional .65¢.

Join Our Team

Are you a licensed family child care educator?

Are you interested in connecting with a network of professional, dedicated educators in your area?

Are you looking for technical assistance, administrative support, and greater access to families and services, while maintaining your independence as a business owner?

Then we are thrilled you have found Child Development and Education, Inc.! CDE family child care educators are a diverse network of professionals educating and caring for the healthy development of children all around Massachusetts.

To find out more about CDE or to join our team, please visit our Contact Us page to find the contact information for your local regional office.