Child Development and Education, Inc. operates the largest and most robust Family Child Care System in Massachusetts. Our experienced and accomplished team provides the highest quality support and leadership to over 1,000 licensed family child care educators throughout the Commonwealth. In addition to being the single largest vendor of state subsidized early education and care in Massachusetts, we also provide extensive services for children, educators and families in the private sector through our several sister agencies. These services include center based education, care, health and safety information, nutrition, meal preparation, food sponsorship, transportation, training for adult learners, behavioral health and other essential supports. The testament to our success is the sheer volume of providers and families who seek us out to join our network. Providers and families alike are eager to be part of our highly successful early childhood team that values everyone involved in a child's life.

Currently we are contracted with professional, independent family child care providers caring for over 4,000 children every day. We are proud that our network providers and staff are linguistically, culturally and ethnically diverse, offering a rich array of programs and practices to accommodate and satisfy parental choice in their children's early education experience. Our educators operate year round, providing both full-time and part-time care for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children, including after-school, out-of-school time, and summer care.

Child Development is a statewide leader in providing exceptional resources and support to the early education and care field. Our network of family child care providers are excellent educators, applying best practices in high quality care, and maintaining strong connections with families and the community. Child Development staff are available 24/7 to support the needs of all of our educators. While twice monthly visits are routine, they are just the baseline of support services. CDE staff regularly make house calls, provide after-hours support groups, technical assistance, training, assessments, and family engagement events. Our program is managed by statewide leaders who have been in the field for decades and include former government officials responsible for overseeing the safe and quality operation of child care in the state.

We are skilled at implementing effective and sensible policies for the operation of our network that enhance the providers' programs, ensure quality and safety, and involve parents and extended families in their children's education and care experiences. Every provider is given the opportunity to improve competencies and professionalism by participating in our Path To Quality© program. In this unique Child Development "Quality Rating Improvement" program, providers who achieve higher credentials and higher scores on evaluative tools, such as the Family Child Care Environmental Rating Scale, are rewarded with a higher rate of reimbursement. This reimbursement is privately funded by Child Development, and made possible by the adept financial oversight of our company by seasoned and expert fiscal managers.

Our open and accessible communication style is premised on the approach that Direct Services Management means consistent and regular contact between and among our education coordinators and specialists, and our family child care providers and their families and children. Our regular supports include home visits, telephone access 24/7, referrals of families to providers, training and coursework to achieve higher competencies such as Accreditation and the Child Development Associate credential, technical assistance in all aspects of the business of family child care including both education content and administrative support, licensing compliance and other EEC assistance, including support in participation in EEC's programs such as QRIS, UPK and specialized services for Priority Populations, such as homeless, teen parents and DCF families. We also are authorized trainers for the Family Child Care Orientation sessions for new family child care providers and are expert in assisting providers with the licensing process.

Some of our proudest work involves our family engagement practices offering training and support to parents regarding quality in early education programs, referrals to network providers, and acting as a communication bridge with providers to solve problems, enhance understanding, and create community.

Our Family Child Care Network goals are to continuously improve outcomes for children, increase the quality and professionalism of providers, and to support and engage families in everything we do.

To join our Network, call us today at 1.800.552.4440, and begin your early education journey with proven leaders in excellence.